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Some advice on sharing a bathroom
Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For new college students, or even older people who've spent years living on their own, sharing a bathroom with a roommate or significant other might be an awkward adjustment. After all, the bathroom is generally thought of as a sanctuary to take care of private hygiene needs. Luckily, a handful of prominent news sources have compiled tips for organizing the bathroom vanity and other steps one could take toward peaceful cohabitation.

Make the best of your storage space

Remember, the more people are sharing one bathroom, the more space is needed to store accessories and toiletries. The online information source Add Space To Your Life explains that each resident should be allotted an equal amount of space after all the drawers are emptied out and it's determined exactly how much storage space is available.

In addition, it's best to limit items stored in the bathroom to towels, toilet paper, nail and hair maintenance supplies, feminine hygiene products, soap and shampoo. While some people keep their medicine behind their vanity mirror, the source says these should be stored in the kitchen. Shower steam, it's said, isn't good for medications.

Remember to buy plenty of toilet paper

It's something everyone needs, but some people are uncomfortable purchasing at the store. As Ideal HomeGarden points out, the only thing more uncomfortable than handing a cashier a product you plan to use on your nether regions is reaching for a roll of toilet paper and coming up empty handed. Because it's not fair to expect one member in a household of adults of provide TP for everyone else, all residences should make a point to pick up a package of rolls once every week or two.

Take out the bathroom trash

For some reason, many people find it easier to remember to take out large garbage cans in the kitchen than they do the smaller waste receptacle in the bathroom. It can be a pain, but Ideal HomeGarden notes that an easy way to help keep everyone happy with the condition of the bathroom is to empty the bathroom's garbage can at least once a week. In addition, make sure not to let those empty bottles of shampoo or cans of shaving cream pile up.

Apart from that, the best general advice is to pick up after yourself. The source rightly notes that chores should be shared, sinks should be cleaned after use and towels should be washed regularly.



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