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News sources highlight best public bathrooms in the US
Posted on Friday, January 4, 2013

We've all had unfortunate experiences with public bathrooms - often at locations such as roadside gas stations or fast food restaurants. There's nothing worse than when nature calls, and you're forced to make do with a unclean, half-functioning toilet, sink or even an unappealing bathroom vanity.

However, other public bathrooms in the U.S. are a pleasure, if not an honor, to make use of. So if you're on-the-go and gotta-go, keep these news sources' picks for best public bathrooms in the U.S. in mind.

Unique bathrooms

Some people might not generally think that bathroom decor can be art, but a few of the participants in Cintas' America's Best Restroom contest speak to the contrary. Business Insider compiled photos of a few outstanding public bathrooms. Some are doozies. 

For instance, the bathrooms at Mie N Yu, a Washington D.C. restaurant, are meant to evoke the conditions of a Singapore flea market's washrooms. However, the designers put a luxurious slant on the rustic concept. Even though the sinks resemble large wooden buckets, an attendant makes sure they're clean and comfortable 24 hours a day during the weekends, according to the news source.

The washroom at the Radisson Blue Aqua Hotel in Chicago is another standout. Flesh flowers are placed next to every elevated-basin sink, and the mosaic of mirror tiles that cover all the walls give the lavatory a surreal vibe. But almost nothing tops the lavish bathrooms at the Las Vegas Vanity Night Club. Combined, the decor in the men's and women's rooms is worth more than $1 million.

News source points to best in-store bathrooms in NYC

Not too surprising, many upscale shops in New York City have been highlighted by The New York Times as locations its readers should be eager to relieve themselves in - especially if they need to find a storefront with facilities that are open to the public. One washroom on Times's list of best New York City bathrooms you might not expect is the lavatory at Restoration Hardware on Broadway Street. Although, as the writer notes, it follows that a retail store where bathroom faucets and linens are on sale would have a pleasant place to go potty.

Also among The Time's picks are the bathrooms at Pottery Barn Kids on 2nd Avenue, The Shops at the Plaza and Mackenzie-Childs.



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