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Ways to feel like royalty in your home bathroom
Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Just because you're not a movie star or a wealthy aristocrat doesn't mean there's no way to share similar experiences in the bathroom. Perhaps you can't, at the moment, afford an opulent modern bathroom vanity or a spa-like tub installation, but here are some thoughts on how to pamper yourself without draining your bank account.

Luxury soap

Typical store-bought soap might be able to get you clean, but as it fails to provide much of a sensory rush, generic soap can leave your morning shower feeling a little bit routine. Meanwhile, there are many types of luxury soap that may make you extra-excited to wake up in the morning. WiseGeek explains that luxury soap adds to the bathing experience by merely generating more lather or a particular scent. For those looking to add some pep to their morning regimen, the source points to the energy- and alertness-enhancing effects provided by some citrus-based luxury soaps. There's also organic soap out there for those with allergies to chemicals sometimes found in synthetic cleaning products, and seaweed soap is said to act as a natural preventive treatment for acne.

Towel heaters

Speaking of morning showers, it's a damper on many people's mornings when, after a hearty cleaning, they walk out of the shower and are immediately chilled-to-the-bone. notes that some towel heaters run on electricity, but no more than the average light bulb. If keeping an electrical appliance in your bathroom strikes you as a potential safety risk, there are also hydronic towel warmers available. These run on the hot water already flowing through the pipes of your bathroom. 

Toilet paper holders

What's interesting about toilet paper holders is that they might be the simplest bathroom accessory of them all to recreate according to your own imagination. The Old House provides instructions for readers aiming to make a "Twig-style" holders from wooden dowels available at many hardware stores for about $1. Those proficient in metal work may be able to construct all kinds of homemade metallic toilet paper holders with the same quality and designs offered by luxury outlets.

However, some bathroom accessories go a bit over-the-top when it comes to luxury. For instance, The Consumerist reported on U.K.-manufactured "Cashmere" purple bathroom tissue. This toilet paper was advertised as a "little luxury," but the source found it, apart from its purple coloring, indistinguishable from ordinary toilet paper. A report from the Telegraph notes that Cashmere toilet paper doesn't literally contain cashmere but oil found on cashmere goat hairs.



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