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Leaky sinks and stylish sinks
Posted on Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ever wonder why it's oftentimes difficult to stop your bathroom faucets - specifically in your sink - from leaking? The Boston Globe's "Handyman on Call" advice column recently answered a question from a reader addressing this exact subject.

Reader Larry Onie asked why his antique-style sink and wall piping occasionally leak, but not always at the same time. He also wondered if the peeling paint on his bathroom walls could in any way be connected to the issue. Expert Peter Hotton suggested that the problem may be related to the drain, not the source of water, and uprooting the pipes probably wouldn't be necessary.

As for the paint, Hotton agreed with Onie's plumber that installing a skim-coated Blueboard ceiling may be the solution.

Stylish bathroom sink ideas

While some people tend to underrate the value of sinks when it comes to bathroom decor, one should never underestimate how much your sink can add to the aesthetic value of your bathroom. provides several example of classy modern and antique approaches to sinks.

Sinks with somewhat oversized circular basins can create different vibes for your bathroom, depending on the style you choose. For some examples, Houzz points to a bathroom decorated with European and Asian customs in mind. The sink itself enhances the cultured, international flair and is elevated over the vanity counter, with one large faucet hanging over its left. Meanwhile, a large, metallic ovular sink in the source's "Village Apartment NYC" bathroom adds some retro-futuristic, minimalist charm to a knowingly kitschy bathroom arrangement. Meanwhile, the "His Bathroom" displayed by the web source turns down the kitsch and turns up the minimalism with a small, white porcelain sink with a deep bowl, perfect for shaving.

Larger sinks: hardly utilitarian, certainly not uncool

You don't normally think of a bathroom sink as "quirky," but a huge white and off-green sink with a pair of faucets adds some tastefully zany appeal to the "Washington Street Remodel" bathroom on Part of a San Francisco home, in a small way, the sink certainly adds to that city's bohemian reputation.

Other interesting sink ideas come in the form of long rectangular sinks, which could be great for anyone who's bathroom has plenty of extra space for expansive decor. Or there's the "Poured Concrete Sink" featured by the source, which is almost long enough to resemble a bathtub, and could be perfect for anyone looking to recreate the atmosphere of a spa in their personal bathroom.



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