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Keeping the bathroom pleasant for houseguests
Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When you've got friends or relatives staying in your home for any period of time, you'd probably prefer that they have an enjoyable experience using the guest bathroom. Steuben Courier points out that many individuals find themselves in this position during the holiday season, when older or far-flung kin may be stopping by for a few days or more. Here's some guidance from the pros to make your guests feel so welcome, they'll later want to move in.

Make sure your bathroom sparkles

This is harder than it sounds - it's easy to see why you should clean the toilet and the surface of the sink and empty any garbage containers. But it's also more than worthwhile to scrub the tub and try to clean out any grime that's gathered between tiles. Bathroom cleaning supplies should be available at many supermarkets and hardware stores. Furthermore, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution points out that if there's any minor blemishes in your bathroom - a cracked tile or a malfunctioning door lock, let's say - the arrival of a guest may be a good excuse to boot those jobs up your list of priorities.

Think ahead for your guest

Home and Gardens Television (HGTV) hit the nail on the head when it advised readers to fill guests' bathroom vanity with amenities they may have neglected to bring along. Small soaps, toothpaste, a toothbrush and shaving supplies could spare your guests the hassle of trying to find an open drug store in a potentially strange town. It's also good practice, if not simply polite, to provide clean bath towels for your visitors. It might not be totally necessary, but HGTV recommends buying a whole new set of towels and washcloths for your guests' comfort.

Be mindful of the needs of seniors

If your houseguest happens to be in his or her twilight years, it's important to remember that special safety considerations should be taken for older folks. If any of your bathroom mats are of the plush or slippery variety, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution encourages you to remove them and implement mats with firmer grips. In addition, while it might seem like a bit of a to-do, it could be worth the peace of mind to install a grab bar in the shower. These devices are meant to reduce the chances of an older person experiencing a falling accident.



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