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Decorating your bathroom for Christmas time
Posted on Monday, December 24, 2012

Some individuals can't get enough of the Christmas spirit. If you're one of these, you've probably adorned the Christmas tree in your living room, streamed tinsel around your hallways and decked the outside of the house in an elaborate lights display. But if you've already decorated most of your house to match your holiday glee, you might be asking yourself: "How should I Christmas-ize my bathroom?"


This may seem a bit obvious, but the mirror above your bathroom vanity could make an excellent location for a Christmas wreath. The Learning Channel (TLC) website includes this simple idea on its list of top bathroom decor ideas for Christmas time, along with ideas like placing a tiny scented holiday tree or poinsettia plant on the sink counter.

Christmas shower curtains and washcloths

Some people might second-guess the practicality of setting up a shower curtain or buying a bunch of Christmas-themed washcloths, when they'll only be seasonally appropriate for about a month-and-a-half each year. But, as TLC points out, designs for washcloths and shower curtains don't have to be overtly Christmasy. Red, green and white washcloths make sense all year. For that matter, who's to say some people wouldn't prefer to make some of their Christmas decorations permanent fixtures in their home?

Temporary garnishes

Those throwing a Christmas party might be interested in quick ways to give their bathrooms some yuletide cheer. offers suggestions that range from buying Santa-themed toilet seat covers to bathroom carpets meant to resemble Santa's signature red outfit. But the website also provides more down-to-earth ideas, like placing pine boughs and Christmas tree lights on the bathroom shelves.

Transplanting Christmas decorations

You could even consider using decorations designed for other parts of the home in your bathroom. Many people are left with at least a handful of ornaments that wouldn't fit on their Christmas tree. Perhaps stringing those up along the edges of the bathroom mirror could quickly and simply add a festive touch to the ambiance of your bathroom. Even something as small as a snow globe or, as StyleSheve mentions, a snowman-themed light could have similar effects.



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