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Bathroom news from across the nation
Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's amazing how often bathrooms and related bathroom accessories show up in the news. Here's a summary of the most zany stories that have popped up on news junkies' radars within the past few days.

Restaurant owner extracts revenge on Yelpers via bathroom tapes

Meanwhile, adding some hyperbolic and humorous ambiance to public commodes, a San Diego restaurant has begun broadcasting spoken recordings of Yelp reviews in its bathrooms. Craft and Commerce co-owner Arasalum Tafazoli told the news source that despite the negative tones of some reviews of his restaurant that popped up on the user-generated content site, he and members of his management team enjoyed reading these diatribes aloud.

They appreciated "the Shakespearean qualities of some of these reviews," he told the source. He also observed that some reviews contained "such a level of melodrama."

Those washing their hands at the bathroom vanity at Craft and Commerce will be able to hear a recording of someone reading the words of a Yelp user such as "Amy M." recounting an experience at the eatery.

"Biscuits were, IMO, teeny weeny!" the voice says, according to Eater. "We couldn't have used all the dipping sauces on them if we used them as spoons! What's the deal guys?"

Toilet paper becomes pop art

Meanwhile, according to the Times-Picayune, a pair of New Orleans avant-garde artists constructed an assembly line where project participants constructed fake toilet paper rolls out of cardboard. Cardboard makeups of various household items - including laundry detergent bottles and sacks of cat litter - were also on display.

The news source explained that the performance at the May Gallery may have been intended as a commentary of corporate greed, consumerism, labor exploitation and waste. A Times-Picayune critic who was present at the display had difficulty making clear sense of the intended symbolism.

Public bathrooms in Wisconsin plagued by thefts

A so-called "Backpack Bathroom Bandit" has been pillaging automatic flush valves from public bathrooms in Wisconsin, according to NBC affiliate TMJ 4.

The news source reports that detectives throughout the southeast region of America's Dairyland have been getting calls about stolen motion detection valves since late September. The news source spoke with an Arby's regional manager, whose restaurants have been hit particularly hard.

"At first I thought it was a prank but when he hit another store we knew something going on here," Eric Peterson told the news source.

The police said that, in total, $30,000 worth of valves have been stolen from restaurants and community colleges.



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