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If an adolescent is fortunate enough to have generous parents, they may enjoy the luxury of his or her own private bathroom. Or, perhaps parents have designated a bathroom for themselves while one or more of their children share a bathroom vanity in a different section of the house. Homeowners who prefer that every room in the house remains attractive and well-kept may wonder how to go about furnishing their teen sons' or daughters' bathrooms, as well as the best ways to keep it tidy while respecting their children's privacy.

Cleanliness hints

This problem won't apply to every parent - many teenagers pay more attention to their personal and environmental hygiene to their elders. Other teens may allow scraps of hair to gather in the shower drain until the thought of using the bathtub feels repulsive, and may reuse the same towels until the towels are so dirty they negate the point of showering to begin with. It's wise to remind young adults to take care of their surroundings, but leading by example can be just as effective. Demonstrate how it can be simple, quick and beneficial to maintain a bathroom and help set your teen on the path toward a respectable lavatory situation.

Decorating for the ever-mercurial adolescent

Some teenagers frequently alter their lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities - pretty much because teenagers are a notoriously finicky lot. For this reason, the website Freshome advises parents to avoid bathroom decorations that will be tricky to exchange for other accessories. Because they're easy to remove and replace, the website recommends towels and rugs of various hues. Letting teens picks out their own wall hangings and posters might help make them feel at home in their space, but apply the same boundaries for appropriate decorations you would use for their bedrooms. For example, if you don't happen to feel glamour shots of the Jersey Shore cast should be on display in a child's bedroom, the same holds true for the bathroom. 

Home and Garden Television gets a little more specific with their guidance for teen bathroom decor. The television station's website states that teens might be able to appreciate colorful tiles, walls painted with lively colors and eccentrically shaped bathroom vanities and mirrors. If a teen happens to have a "punk rock" disposition, he or she may enjoy a shower curtain adorned with skulls and other imagery associated with popular rock music.

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