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Some basic advice for redesigning a bathroom
Posted on Friday, November 30, 2012

It's great if your bathroom decor know-how is already advanced enough for you to start worrying about whether you'd prefer a modern bathroom or a more antique-oriented look for your lavatory. However, as is the case with all things, you've got to learn how to crawl before you learn to walk. Maybe you're less concerned about whether you should pick a marble or ivory bathroom vanity, and more worried about the fact that you haven't figured out where you want to put the toilet. If that's the case, then check out these tips from the pros.

Layout fundamentals

Better Homes and Gardens spells out the most basic strategies for designing a bathroom based on how many "wet walls" - walls hooked up to the house's plumbing - a homeowner wants to have installed in the room. If only one wall in the bathroom has plumbing connections, you could redesign your bathroom cheaply, and you'll save on your water bill. However, that situation reduces your possibilities for decorations. Three wet walls creates the opposite situation - more options for decor and more money.

The source also states that the sink should be placed close to the door, as people will hopefully feel compelled to wash their hands on their way out of the bathroom. Consequently, the shower and bathtub should be furthest thing from the door.

Practical advice

Some good ground rules have been provided by The National Kitchen and Bath Association, reprinted by Comfortable Home Design. A bathroom door should be at least 34 inches wide, just in case a disabled individual happens to want to use your restroom at any point. The law only requires 32 inches, but it's good to keep all your bases covered. In addition, the door shouldn't be in a position where it's likely to whack anyone in the bathroom if opened too quickly.

As one ceiling light could distort your appearance in the bathroom vanity mirror, it best to install additional lights on the other side of the mirror so you get a good idea what you really look like. At least a foot and a half of elbow room should be available on either side of the toilet, which is 3 inches longer than building codes require. The extra 3 inches will allow your arms to be more comfortable.



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