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Enhancing the atmosphere of your bathroom
Posted on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Going out for dinner means you don't need to cook in the kitchen. If you wanted, you could sleep on the sofa and avoid using the bedroom. But there's no way around having to use your bathroom at least once a day. So, doesn't it make sense to ensure you'll always enjoy the experience as much as possible?

One major downside to many people's bathrooms is the clutter of toiletries that can amass around a sink. Even a frequently cleaned sink can look messy if there's no organized spot for combs, bottles of hand soap, toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste and other grooming necessities. In a recent advisory article, GateHouse News Service said that instead of keeping toiletries on counters, people should stash them underneath their bathroom vanity or on shelves.

It's also important to remember that just because a bathroom is small or could use a fresh coat of paint or new tiles, it doesn't mean it isn't worth adding some sunny ambiance to the lavatory. Some people have gone the route of hanging humorous posters or postcards on the walls. A favorite comic strip from a newspaper, or even a proverb from a fortune cookie could serve as a special decoration for the bathroom mirror. State Journal-Register recommends an embroidered or textured shower curtain - or color coordinating the mats on the floor as well as the towels hanging on the rack.

Lastly, let us look at a little discussed but crucial element to any excellent bathroom experience - having worthwhile reading material on hand. Magazines are generally the preferred type of literature to keep nearby the toilet.

Although there are some sanitation concerns that come along with leaving a stack of magazines next to the toilet, the director of the clinical microbiology services at Columbia University Medical Center told Fox News that people who regularly wash their hands don't need to be worried about spreading bacteria.

"Let’s say you pick up a magazine and you’re reading it for a while - your hands are clean, if they were clean before you got on the toilet,” she told the news source. “You’re not going to be transferring much bacteria to your hands if you wash your hands afterward."



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