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Bathroom tips for a bachelor pad
Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2012

While this generalization certainly doesn't apply to single men with the sensibility to maintain their living quarters, some bachelor pad bathrooms are not very well kept. Especially when younger men are sharing an apartment, it's not unheard of for tiles, bathtubs, bathroom vanities and toilets to be covered in grime, mildew and hair, trash cans to overflow and a constant lack of toilet paper, because the roommates were all either too broke or lazy to go to the grocery store.

Needless to say, many women will run screaming upon the sight of such conditions. To help its readers avoid such a scenario, British style magazine AskMen published some hints, so young males can keep their ladies from fleeing in terror and, as an added plus, have nice bathrooms.

The information site notes that the bathroom often receives the least maintenance out of any room in the house and is also the quickest to start looking filthy. But there's more to making a bathroom tidy than simply scrubbing. For example, washing and sometimes replacing the bath mat and shower curtain could add some crispness to the environment. It also helps to look behind and underneath counters and tubs for discarded, empty shampoo and body wash bottles.

The major problem when it comes to keeping a bathroom tidy is it can take a deceptively long time, but only if regular cleanings are put off for too long. Instead of letting the gunk build up for weeks until you have to spend an entire afternoon scrubbing and washing, consider spending about 10 minutes a day swabbing up a certain part of the bathroom. Especially if the floors are tiled, sweeping a bathroom floor can be a quick way to create a cleaner atmosphere. You may need to let cleaner sit in a toilet bowl for a bit, but scrubbing a toilet shouldn't take much more than 10 minutes, depending on the last time it was cleaned.

But those are really just the basics of having an optimal bathroom. Bachelors looking to impress women, or who just want to become classier could invest in some modern bathroom decor if their circumstances allow them to do so.

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