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Perhaps you're creeping up on middle age and longing for your erstwhile days of playing guitar in a rock band or dancing in the crowd while making eyes at a lead singer. Maybe you're a first time homeowner, not quite ready to completely surrender your "bad boy" or "bad girl" side for a more responsible lifestyle. Maybe you simply wish the wallpaper would match the rock star poses you make every morning in the mirror of your bathroom vanity. If you fall into any of these categories - never fear. Here are some bathroom decor suggestions to nurture your inner rock star. 

Don't fear the goth side of life

If you're nostalgic for the good old days of the goth scene in the 1980s, there are many simple ways to add a little spooky allure to your bathroom. Some outlets offer toilet paper dispensers and toothbrush holders in the shape of skulls. There's even such a thing as "tissue noir" - rolls of black tissue paper that look like something vampires might use to dab excess plasma from their fangs.

However, it should be kept in mind that the goth style need not be campy. Many modern bathroom designs - for example, a series of arrangements pictured on - carry a gothic style without any gaudy cartoonishness. Installing pained glass windows that resemble apertures found in cathedrals, faucets and door handles with a touch of medieval flair and stylish black and purple countertops, floors, and curtains are all ways to goth up the surroundings of your bathroom without making you feel like you're decorating for Halloween.

Embrace your wild side

Rock 'n roll is all about turning the volume up on the crazier side of your personality. So, in a way, any bathroom decor style that reflects your own quirks could be considered just as "rock 'n roll" as a faux platinum record next to your shower. provides more examples of what could be called "rockin'" bathrooms, including one with a path of marble splitting through the floor tiles, leading to a space-aged walk-in shower. Another room - clearly designed with especially untamed homeowners in mind - features a curtain and doorless shower next to a wooden bathtub that almost resembles a coffin full of water.



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