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Major news source providers advise on bathroom upgrades
Posted on Monday, October 29, 2012

The Boston Globe recently offered tips on how to remodel a lavatory so that its decor is more up to date with modern bathroom vanities, based on findings from a Consumer Reports article. The news source notes that many people are focusing on bathrooms and kitchens as major renovation projects, while bathrooms are often difficult and pricey to effectively reimagine.

The information sources states that, while duel sink arrangements have been popular, one sink combined with extra counter space may make for a less expensive situation due to the decreased cost of a single faucet. Framed mirrors instead of mirrored walls, and soothing colors like blue for wallpaper and tiles are also recommended, while dark green is discouraged. Yellow has grown in popularity, according to the news source. Having a large shower - 4 by 6 feet in area - can make for a more comfortable bathing experience. Furthermore, going even larger with a 5 by 7 foot bathing space eliminates the need for a shower door, as showerheads may not be able to splash that far.

The news provider also notes that keeping the toilet out of sight has become fashionable. It's said that the john can be located behind a half-wall or in its own "room within a room," and an extra bit of furniture can be used to block the toilet off in lieu of a literal wall. 

More guidance on bathroom remodeling

Another article from U.S. News says bathroom remodeling can bring about a more than 60 percent return on investment, if done correctly. But it takes effort.

"A lot of folks, when they buy a home, don't want to have put a lot of work into it," Paul Wyman, a real estate agent with the Wyman Group in Indiana, told the news source. "An outdated bathroom requires a lot of work."

Increasing a bathroom's size is rarely simple, however that's the first thing experts speaking to U.S. News recommend for making a bathroom more attractive. A contractor, Dennis Gehman of Gehman Remodeling in Pennsylvania, told the news source that a fresh coat of paint, a new toilet or new shower accessories won't mean that much if the floors, walls, shower and other porcelain accommodations aren't up to optimal standards.



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