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Advice for keeping a bathroom beautiful
Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nobody likes doing their personal maintenance business in unattractive surroundings. Hence, more than a few sources of news and information have provided expert opinions of how to arrange bathroom accessories to make sure your lavatory is a room you want to visit over and over again - as opposed to a room you visit because you have no choice.

Lisa Schmitz of the Kansas City Star writes that vanity lighting overhead should distribute illumination equally, so as to avoid making anyone with bad skin or a better side feel unattractive when primping themselves in the mirror. She also recommends having a window in the shower, as the sight of foliage helps to start the day on a fresh note. Although, it might be advisable to ensure that shower windows are situated somewhere that makes them difficult to look into from the outside. It's said in the article that lining the walls with small tiles may be a good choice, although such decorations could start to look grimier if placed on the floor.

The proverbial queen on homemaking, ex-convict Martha Stewart dispenses her own brand of trademark homespun advice on the subject through her website. Spending a mere minute a day rubbing scouring powder into the bathtub after a shower, she writes, will prevent scum and minerals from building up. Cleaning the shower walls with a squeegee is also encouraged, following every use. Warm water and mildly abrasive cleanser should be applied to the tub after the use of products like shampoo and body lotion.

Air circulation - through open windows, fans, air conditioners and dehumidifiers - is crucial for avoiding the amassing of mildew growth and moisture, states Stewart. Furthermore, half-a-cup of baking soda, followed up with a half-a-cup of white vinegar, should help keep pipes from clogging up with grease, oil and hair. To unclog  a shower head stuffed up with minerals, soaking the device with white vinegar by placing it in a plastic bag full of the liquid should do the trick.

Meanwhile, the Barcelona newspaper ARA released tips on how to make a bathroom appear larger than it actually is. Apart from recommending specific styles of tiles, accessories and faucets, the news source noted that a mirror's knack for making a room appear larger by visually doubling it can do wonders for enhancing the illusion of space.



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