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When your hotel room is a real steal
Posted on Friday, September 21, 2012

To be fair, it's rare that someone hasn't felt robbed by a hotel or motel. You shell out a hundred bucks for some out-of-the-way inn and end up with cockroaches in the sink and an odd musk coming from the shower stall drain. Whether you're fed up with the eerie cigarette burns in your non-smoking room's sheets or not, it's not exactly morally appropriate to get back at your hotel by ripping off the toilet seat and tethering the mattress to the top of your car.

Yet people around the world do this every day. Some of them are even stealing wrapped gifts from under hotel Christmas trees in Dublin, Ireland, according to a report by, which has been covered by The Times of India.

The website has compiled the results of a survey of 500 worldwide hotels, and the findings are a little startling. Guests in Vegas taking their room's carpet with them, a Dubai overnighter stealing the entire minibar (whereas most of us just endlessly debate over how badly we need that 10-dollar nip of Jim Beam), an Istanbul room that had everything vacated from it - except the TV, bed and a desk. It's all enough to make you feel a little unambitious with those mini bars of soap and pens you've pocketed over the years. These guests are clearly dedicated individuals, not content to flop on the bed and order a pizza while enjoying cable television.

"Some even developed enlightened enthusiasm to dislodge every single bulb in a room," the survey punned.

What else are people stealing? Toilet seats are a big one, shower heads, sink plumbing, couches, cigarette machines and even artwork. Hotel artwork, being the lowest of the low, is still apparently a fence-worthy commodity somewhere. Somewhere without taste, at least. points out that these thefts aren't just spur-of-the-moment You Only Live Once sprees, either.

"In some cases, the theft is very much premeditated, with guests apparently packing their tool bag to remove some items," Kathy Dover, a site representative, commented.

So next time you're thinking about pocketing that adorable tiny container of sandalwood-scented shampoo you didn't even open, think twice. Although, the real question may be, if you're going to steal a toilet seat - why not filch a new one, a seat that hasn't been the resting place of numerous other guests' posteriors?



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