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What your bathing style says about you
Posted on Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Most of us have a very early photo of our parents giving us a bath in an unlikely place, like the kitchen sink. From there, we graduated to parentally assisted baths - with our hair washed using plastic cups - and eventually to showers. But not everyone has the same bathing style. Some people prefer to keep baths part of their daily routines. Others haven't had one in years. Some folks like long showers, while others hop in and out as if their skin were on fire. A select few might still be using the kitchen sink. Others just don't shower at all.

So what does your bathing style say about you? Probably not quite as much as whatever happens to be in your medicine cabinet (or the deepest corners of your linen cabinet), but here's some speculation.

1. You're a lazy tub person. Despite the fact that you shower every morning, you still like a long soak in the tub at night. If you could (and you sometimes do), you'd eat three square meals a day in your tub. You do most of your reading here, occasionally have conversations (three iPhones have been lost to drowning in as many years - totally worth it, though) and have put serious consideration into telecommuting to work - from the bathroom.

2. You're a hypochondriac showerer. You typically take one shower in the morning (to clean yourself up for the gym), one after you work out (to clean yourself for work), another when you get home (to wash off the work grime) and a final rinse before sleep (so that the bed doesn't get dirty). You use a lot of moisturizer.

3. You're a shower-sleeper. Almost every morning - but especially on dark winter mornings - you fall asleep and accidentally take 45-minute showers. You wake up when the hot water runs out and end up washing your hair in a frantic hurry before the stream turns ice cold.

4. You're still a bubble bath person. This is less about your Peter Pan syndrome and more about the fact that bubble baths are just plain fun. Sure, maybe your sole companion when bathing is a yellow rubber ducky, but at least you know how to enjoy your washing routine!

5. You like to steam shower. An individual of refined taste, you're proud of your steam shower. It's got an iPod hookup, aromatherapy and even a bench. You're riding the wave of the future! (But be honest, you kind of miss water pressure.)



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