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Top 5 tub activities for the bathing inclined
Posted on Monday, September 10, 2012

For some folks, it's been years since they last enjoyed a bath. Bathing is a leisure activity - a way to wash up that people tend to graduate from before starting elementary school. But just because a soak in the tub is both leisurely and luxurious doesn't mean it's any less essential to your health or well-being!

Relaxing in a hot bath is an ideal way to unwind after a stressful day or week at work. But, nonetheless, you probably won't want to sit there for too long without something to enjoy - be it a novel or some jazzy music. So why not light up the scented candles, toss in a few more suds and kick back with one - or a few - of these great tub-time activities?

1. Read a book. You may not want to set out on Ulysses or Proust as you settle into the tub, but indulging in a good page-turner can be a great way to take the edge off your stressful week while the hot bathwater relaxes your muscles. Escape for a little while into a detective story, a turbulent romance or a fantastical kingdom. If a novel isn't to your taste, why not pick up a few magazines? From People to Harper's, you're sure to find something that will steal your attention away.

2. Enjoy some wine. If you really want to unwind, a glass of red wine can perch carefully by the soap dish. Mellowing out with a glass makes for the perfect accompaniment for your book, or even turn on the CD player.

3. Set the mood with soothing tunes. If rock is your favorite thing, go for it, but most folks will probably want easy-going instrumentation and muted vocals - the kind of soft music you can nod off to.

4. Listen to a podcast. Of course, if you want something more engaging than music, there's always a wealth of podcasts out there. Whether you're looking for something on the humorous side or are dying to hear the latest Terry Gross interview from NPR, your computer, MP3 player and smartphone can immediately access any of them. Just hook up your player to speakers and set it on the bathroom vanity for easy listening.

5. Contemplate the universe. While you may not want to get as philosophical as Descartes, there's no reason not to take this extremely relaxing and introspective opportunity to reflect on life, the universe and everything. Consider it meditation - clearing your head of all stress and concentrating on your breathing can do wonders for your well-being, and there's no better place to try them out than in a bathtub.



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