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Top 5 major bathroom faux pas for the home
Posted on Friday, September 14, 2012

The Big Book of Etiquette surely has several volumes' worth to say about bathrooms. When do you invest in a scented candle? Is it rude to keep a box of matches on the back of a toilet? When, exactly, is a sliver of soap considered "finished"? All these questions and more plague bathroom users across the world. But among the many mistakes we fear making in the bathroom, the most major ones are also the most obvious - and the most easily fixed. Consider these atrocities and begin avoiding them in your own life with renewed vigor.

1. The speckled sink. No matter how sleek and stylish your contemporary bathroom vanity is, most sinks are still created out of smooth white porcelain, and as anyone who's worn a linen suit around a black cat knows, white shows off whatever sticks to it. If you're a man who regularly trims his beard or a woman who runs a brush through her hair in front of the medicine cabinet mirror each morning, check to be sure you haven't left behind a small wig's worth of excess hair plastered to the wet sink. And clean up your dried toothpaste.

2. Seated business transactions. Despite all conceivable sense, it seems to have become almost acceptable to speak on your cell phone while managing other, more personal business on the toilet. As a rule, don't speak to anyone on the phone while you're on the toilet who you wouldn't be fine holding conversation with through the open bathroom door. (And even then, think twice...)

3. Taking without giving. We've all imagined the nightmare of running out of toilet paper at the worst possible time - usually when the secret object of your affection is the only person who could hand you a new roll - and a few have lived through it. Avoid putting anyone in this situation, and give yourself a dose of good karma by always replacing not only the active roll, but the spare ones as well.

4. The impossible fog. People who don't use the fan during their 40-minute steamy showers aren't just neglectful, they're downright cruel. Nobody should have to brush his or her teeth without being able to see the medicine cabinet through the fog.

5. Horrors upon horrors. Don't ever - ever - leave the seat up. If you've never fallen into a toilet bowl, try it. Then you'll remember to put the seat down.




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