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Quick cleaning tips for your bathroom
Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Most busy folks know that when it comes to cleaning rooms, the bathroom is the first one you should devote your spare time to and the last one you actually want to tackle. If only there were some way to keep those white tile floors super clean and that toilet eternally polished. While you may never find the time - or desire - to keep your bathroom as spotless as the sparkling pantheon to hygiene that you see in interior design magazines, you can certainly keep it looking good with a few quick tips. These won't steal hours of your day from you - hardly even minutes  - and are sure to leave your bath in better shape than it's ever been before.

1. Pick up after yourself. Before getting into the shower, most folks take whatever pajamas or underwear they had on and throw it on the floor - or, if they're a bit pickier, hang it on a spare towel hook. The problem is that these dirty clothes sometimes linger after the shower is over and you're dressed and off to work. The millisecond it takes to grab your PJ bottoms on the way to get dressed will save you a pile of dirty ones later in the week.

2. Bleach the toilet. While that scrub brush may seem intimidating, you don't need to be on your hands and knees all afternoon to clean your toilet. Let your toilet bowl solution (bleach is actually optional for those wanting an all-natural mixture) sit for up to 15 minutes before you give the porcelain a good scrub. All in all, it should take just under 16 minutes, with only about 40 seconds requiring any manual labor on your part.

3. Squeegee the shower door. If you've got a glass shower stall door, don't let it mildew over. Instead, grab a squeegee at your local hardware or department store and give the door a quick once-over daily after your shower.

4. Take five. The editors over at have come up with a fantastic five-minute quick cleanup regimen. In brief, minute one clears off surfaces, which are then wiped down and scrubbed in minute two. Minute three asks that you fold towels, straighten your shower curtain and double-check the toilet paper. Minute four is all about the mirrors (more like 30 seconds if you've only got the one above your vanity) and minute five is for taking care of any excess that slipped under your radar - or just taking a breather.



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