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Great things to do in the bathroom
Posted on Friday, September 7, 2012

Everyone knows what you DO in the bathroom - number one, number two, showers, blowdrying hair, applying zit cream and so on. But what should you do while you do those things? Let's face it - we're a culture that enjoys our constant stream of stimulation and information. While it's great to zen out every so often while brushing your teeth, consider these options when you're looking for something to take up your minutes as you get your bathroom stuff done.

1. Using the toilet - read a magazine. Magazine articles make for great toilet seat fodder. It may take you a full week to finish the article, but there's nothing like a little regularity in the bathroom to keep your mood lifted. Just be sure to have a stylish rack to keep all your copies of People and The Economist in.

Runner up - do a crossword puzzle.

2. Taking a bath - read a book. Here's the designated bathroom time for indulging in a good novel. If you like to laze about in the tub for a half hour or 40 minutes, why not bring your favorite paperback along for the ride? Sure, bibliophiles will freak out at the danger your book will be in at any given time, but there's nothing like a little thrilling drama and a relaxing soak.

Runner up - take a nap.

3. Brushing your teeth - listen to a song on your iPod. Dentists tend to agree that each brushing session should be a minute or more, plus time to floss. Set your favorite tune on your iPod and begin applying your toothpaste.

Runner up - recite memorized poems from high school English class in your head.

4. Cleaning - enjoy a podcast. If you're giving your bathroom a good scrub down, you'll need at least 20 minutes to devote to it - the perfect length for a segment or two of your favorite podcast! Catch up on a great NPR show while you buff the medicine cabinet mirror!

Runner up - get your kid to do it and go watch television.

5. Taking a shower - sing. When you're in the shower, it's time to test out more than just the water pipes. Belt out your favorite rock, pop, jazz standards or opera to your shower panel and don't forget to wash behind your ears.

Runner up - nothing. What could come close?



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