Monday, September 24, 2012

Five incentives to clean your bathroom as a young adult

Cleaning your bathroom makes for a terrible, no good, dirty day. No one really wants to clean the bathroom - and while it's marginally better to clean your own than the public one at your local fast food joint, can't it just wait until tomorrow? Or next April?

Unfortunately, tub scrubbing and toilet scouring are all part of renting or owning a home. While you're saving up for that dream modern vanity you've always wanted, or perhaps those sterling silver bathroom faucets, it can't hurt to do a little cleaning up.

Need a little cleaning impetus? Consider these five scenarios that are sure to get you on your knees with the scrub brush and some toilet cleaner.

1. Your parents are coming to visit

No one will ever judge your homemaking abilities quite like your parents. While your father surely spent his own young adult years in squalor amid piles of pizza boxes and unrecycled drink cans, he won't be happy to see your medicine cabinet in such disarray and your bathroom mat in need of a washing.

2. You're hosting a party!

So you've got friends coming over. They'll probably need to use the bathroom. While you could consider police-taping it or locking the door from the outside, it seems mean to invite friends over (presumably for a drink or two) and then deny them bathroom access.

3. You have a guest

If your best friend has flown out to see you from wherever he or she happens to live, you're surely kind enough to roll out the futon and set it up with some sheets and comfy pillows. In fact, you probably have a whole itinerary of fun activities planned! Museums, shopping, restaurants, movies... Are you really going to make him or her wade through a bog of a bathroom too?

4. You have a date

If there is any chance that you plan to become romantically involved with someone, you're going to want to work on those bathroom cleaning skills. Crusty toothpaste on your medicine cabinet mirror is no aphrodisiac.

5. You're afraid of germs

Sure, germaphobes probably need a little counseling as much as they need bathroom cleaning tips, but it's still a surefire way to keep your loo nice and tidy! Although, there are far fewer germs floating around your toilet seat than the desk you sit and eat at in your office - so you might want to clean up there too.