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What's harder than getting your kids to clean one of your home's bathrooms? Marathons, for one. It's hard enough to get them to clean their own rooms, so how can you get them to embark on a space notorious for its complicated array of cleaning materials, much less introduce the idea of scrubbing a toilet?

While you could bite the bullet and let them half-heartedly dust the living room while you get down and dirty with the tub and clean up the medicine cabinet, why not give yourself a break and let them do the tough work? You deserve it - you raised them!

Looking for a few tips? Consider these five foolproof tactics for convincing your kids it's time to pick up the scrub brush and do right by the bathroom vanity.

1. Start them young

Not everyone has this option unfortunately, unless you're Marty McFly, but getting your kids in the cleaning habit at a young age - when it's still exciting and fun to "help out" - can be a great way to make the transition to cleaning bathrooms easier.

2. Provide incentive

Perhaps a new Nintendo video game console is worth something to them? Like a full year of bathroom scrubbings? Incentive may feel cheap, but in the long term, they're really just working extra for their Christmas presents.

3. Instill a fear of germs

It's a guerilla tactic, and some might say it's ungentlemanly or cheating, but head on to the internet and print out some quick Wikipedia facts about the number of germs on a toilet seat. Tape this to one or both of your children's bedroom doors, then add on a note reminding them where the sponges are.

4. Drive competition

If you've ever seen a high school gym class, you can be sure that nothing drives activity like competition - especially among young boys. If you're lucky enough to have kids with competitive streaks, why not pit them against each other to see who can clean the most bathrooms, or who can do the most thorough job?

5. Let them mix their own all-natural cleaners

Looking for a more legitimately fun way to get your kids in on bathroom cleaning? Help them mix their own all-natural cleaners. Part science experiment, part eco-friendly learning experience and part incentive to get that shower scrubbed, this is a fun way to work together toward a cleaner bathroom.



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