Thursday, August 16, 2012

What your medicine cabinet says about you

While there's plenty to be gleaned about an individual by snooping through a medicine cabinet's collection of prescription drugs, there are other indicators too. Is he or she a Valium bottle half-full or half-empty sort of person? Crunchy granola maybe? Or perhaps the kind of individual who drinks coffee through a straw and habitually uses whitening strips.

Why not turn the magnifying glass on yourself and delve into your own medicine cabinet? Since your guests surely go rifling through it themselves, you might as well take note of what kind of impression you're making.

1. Start with the cabinet mirror and shelving. Is your mirror streaked? Do you even own Windex? There's the possibility you're living in a bachelor pad in that case. Be sure to keep your cabinet properly spic and span - no crusted toothpaste on the shelves. The rest of your home can be a pristine palace, but bathrooms are indicative of true character.

2. What kind of toothbrush do you have? First off, it's a good sign that your toothbrush is even in the medicine cabinet (protected from the flushing toilet), but what kind of tool you use on your pearly whites says a lot. Does yours look like a power tool with all the snazzy neon gel padding of a pair of running shoes? You're devoted to your teeth, and that's a good thing. Boring old CVS brand? You haven't been to the dentist in a while (they give you nicer ones there for free) or your nicer model met a cruel fate after tumbling into the john.

3. Do you own Q-tips? That's impressive. Any medicine cabinet snooper will surely commend you on them, and you get double the points if you're a guy.

4. How many of your toothpaste ingredients can you pronounce? If the answer to this is "quite a few," you may be a chemical engineer. Or perhaps you go all natural. Your commitment to organic toothpaste is commendable, as long as it doesn't taste like foot powder.

5. Band-aids? You must've been a boy scout or a girl scout, although a band-aid shortage may indicate that despite always being prepared, you are still accident prone.

6. Okay, the meds. Prescription medicine doesn't indicate anything other than the fact that you belong to the human race. If you don't want snooping, consider moving your pills somewhere safer - like the tax return cabinet, sock drawer or inside a ceiling light fixture. That'll throw them off the scent!