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The mashup has been utilized extensively in music, to the point that it's ubiquitous in radio hip hop. It's long had a role in painting and film, mixing the old and the new or the cartoon and the real - just think of Who Framed Roger Rabbit or the infinite comic takes on The Last Supper you've had to roll your eyes at. Even literature had its mix-and-match heyday when Elizabeth Bennet suddenly found herself sparring with zombies rather than Mr. Darcy. So, now that all the great art forms of recent centuries have made good on mixing styles - why not welcome it into your bathroom?

Mashup styles can give your bathroom a signature look you won't find anywhere else. Consider a few of these fantastic options for your bathroom.

1. Farmhouse and contemporary. So maybe you like a touch of the rustic alongside your clean right angles and sparse walls. If you find your contemporary bathroom a little too cool for your taste, mix it up with an injection of farmhouse décor. Keep all your hard lines and boxy shapes, but switch your material over from manmade and synthetic plastics or metals to something with a lot more warmth, like hardwood. Go with maple, oak, cherry or whatever species fits your design. Also, consider touching up the walls with simple sconce or lantern lighting.

2. Finnish sauna and Roman baths. The Finns have long known how to craft the perfect sauna and the Romans were experts at creating luxurious bath houses, constructing them wherever they settled, from modern Italy to the British Isles. Why not take the best of both cultural heritage and find a happy medium? Go for stone columns set in wood floorboards. Create plank shelving styled after plywood sauna seats, but give your vanity the sandstone style of the Mediterranean. A ceramic tile mosaic on the floor of your bathtub would be another great touch.

3. Antique and modern. There's one great mashup that's been making the rounds for ages. suggests the Historical Modern style for the daring designer. Take the funky colors and clean lines of modern furniture and blend them with the vintage aesthetic and well-loved look of antique décor. Let your bath towels and shower curtains shine brightly, but pair them with old re-wired lighting fixtures, like a chandelier. Pick up a few Victorian bathroom faucets and tie those together with a sleek and spare medicine cabinet. The combinations are endless!



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