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Make a bold statement with your bathroom's color
Posted on Monday, August 20, 2012

Sometimes half-hearted color schemes can completely waste a room's potential. You may mean well by them, afraid to linger too long in dangerous territories like fire engine red or twilight purple lest you cross the line into garish, but bland color design never did a space any favors. If your bathroom's the boring off-white of saltine crackers and has all the verve and energy of elevator muzak, now may be the time to do something drastic.

While you only live once, you've got as many opportunities to paint your bathroom as you like. Don't waste any time! Consult these colors for excellent and brave design choices your bathroom will thank you for.

1. Red. Go all-out scarlet with this stylish choice, or consider a blush of merlot. Consider giving your wooden bathroom fixtures a hint of cherry in their hues, or go for red tiling in your shower stall. Looking to energize your tub? Fire up the porcelain around the lip with a ring of crimson. If you're looking for good pairing colors, you're in luck - while white is the classic bland bathroom shade, it really comes to life with red accents. So pick your spots carefully, and you may only need one pint of paint.

2. Yellow. While most people think of that one iconic shade of sunflower yellow whenever they hear it named, this is a much more complicated and nuanced color than you'd expect. For a start, you can go the gold route. Deep harvest gold yellows are accompanied well by white or navy blue - one of which will keep your room light while the other makes a bold statement. Want something more in the vein of canary? Go for yellow tiling with a black vanity and light gray highlights.

3. Pink. While you're welcome to go electric if you want (it worked for Dylan), a more palatable powder pink is a great choice for any bathroom. While easily complemented by creams, nut brown is also a surprisingly good match. Pair your pink walls with dark hardwood flooring and mission-style furniture for a fantastic look.

4. Black. The most daring of all, pulling off a black bathroom is 10 percent luck and 90 percent aesthetic eye. Keep the room from being overwhelmed with white tile floor and bathroom accessories. Utilize good lighting and your bathroom can have the stylish peacefulness of a lunar landscape.



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