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Go with brick in your bathroom
Posted on Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The world is filled with numerous taste profiles and even more styles, but one of the most perennial and popular is brick. With its unique combination of the rustic and industrial styles, exposed brick walls are as popular as exposed ceiling beams when it comes to the visible architecture of your home. It has a pared down look that's elegant despite its lack of dressing.

Why not adopt that same brick quality in your bathroom as well? Although it's exceedingly popular in living rooms and kitchens, brick is seen far less often in bathrooms, but it can make a great complement to your space nonetheless. Consider these three brick designs to bring some extra character to your bathroom.

1. Classic red brick. Classic red brick is never out of style, with a rustic ruddiness that contrasts well with hardwood flooring and tile equally, not to mention how well it offsets the sheer white of a porcelain sink, toilet or tub. Complement it with exposed plumbing for an industrial style, or go with shiny stainless steel fixtures.

2. Painted brick. No need to keep your brick that ruddy hue when there's an entire rainbow of colors out there to try. While white is an attractive and conventional color to paint your brick, why not try some alternatives? Even choosing a light gray hue can make all the difference and allow your bathroom fixtures to stand out in a unique color scheme. How about mint green, powder blue or any other variety of color that you might consider painting plaster walls? Just let the brick bring out a more striking texture. Also consider painting different walls different colors, or even contrasting a natural brick red with painted hues.

3. Brick tile. Of course, brick doesn't need to describe the material itself, it can also describe the design. Why not go for an asymmetrical brick layering with your tile? Choose from porcelain, glass, marble or any variety of ceramic and start laying out your ideal bathroom design. Perhaps a granite ledge on a tub can complement gray subway tiles. Imagine how black iron or stainless steel faucets might best accompany glass brick-style tiling.

Half the fun of using brick in your bathroom is mixing and matching - whether between these three options or others. Brick doesn't just make a great design choice, it makes a great design complement. It makes as good an accent to a room as it does a focal point, so experiment!



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