Thursday, August 2, 2012

Four great wallpaper motifs for your bathroom

The walls can make a room. They take up more space than either the floor or ceiling and are always in sight, whether directly or through peripheral vision. So why not give your walls a bit more energy and verve than there is in a single coat of paint? Better yet, don't just invest in great wallpaper, let that wallpaper lead you to other quality fixtures and touches. Consider these four examples for a little inspiration.

1. William Morris. Though often floral in style, these wallpaper designs created or inspired by the 19th century English textile designer are more emblematic of Victorian style than they are the natural world. Complex, mesmerizing and generally wondrous feats of pattern and design, these wallpapers will complement both old bathrooms looking for a stylish facelift and brand new bathrooms looking for antique character. Though versatile, this type of wallpaper pairs best with hardwood vanity fixtures and stylish wall sconces.

2. Floral. Any type of wallpaper too flowery or color saturated can be off-putting, but if you find the right blend of negative space and floral design, the look can bring your bathroom walls to life. Best of all, floral wallpaper is well complemented by actual plants and flowers. Bring in hanging ferns or a spider plant or two for a textural touch that's also sure to improve air quality. Add a few freshly cut flowers into the mix for wonderful natural scents.

3. Plaid. While it successfully reminds one of cabin living and the deep woods, you don't need to be a lumberjack to enjoy a little plaid on your walls. Plaid wallpaper captures the warmth and rustic charm of a winter evening whiled away by a fireside, but it also has a daring edge of style that not just any homeowner would be willing to attempt. Pair it with light or dark hued wood, depending on your color combination, and be sure to load up on wintry scented candles and peppermint castile in your soap dispenser. Just remember not to mix it with a striped shower curtain!

4. Artisan. While it's not its own style, there are a wide variety of artisan wallpapers available everywhere from local boutiques to great websites like Etsy. Seeking out handmade or custom wallpaper is a great way to make your bathroom uniquely your own. Whether you adopt Star Wars, painstakingly drawn medieval village scenes, a decoupage of 70s advertising or some sort of versatile magnetic or vinyl decal assortment, the options are only limited by your imagination.