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Autumnal space saving tips for your bathroom
Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2012

Your bathroom might not be the first renovation you think of for the new season, but it may be the place that needs it the most. Rather than any fixture needing a makeover or walls needing a new coat of paint, autumn is the beginning of clutter season for every room in your house, including the bath. This year's spring cleaning was a while ago, and next year's is still a few seasons away, so how can you minimize the accumulation that besets every home at the start of cold weather? Storage.

Storage is an essential part of any room, but considering how small most baths happen to be, it's exceptionally important here. But there's no reason why excellent storage shouldn't be stylish storage, especially if you go for a seasonal look. Consider these four ideas to help you improve your bathroom's potential.

1. Wicker baskets. Looking for the ideal autumnal option for your bathroom magazines and reading materials? Consider a wicker basket. Unlike the straw baskets that are so popular from spring through summer, wicker has a thickness and potentially darker hue that better fits the rapidly cooling weather. Perch one of these baskets on the back of your toilet's tank or hang one from the towel rack on the back of your door.

2. Multiple wall cabinets. While many bathrooms are already outfitted with one medicine cabinet, why not multiply your wall storage? Think of all the wall space that goes unused in your bathroom, from above the toilet to adjacent to the tub. A wall linen cabinet or two makes for great storage, but also has fantastic décor possibilities. Why not stick a miniature pumpkin or small dish of potpourri behind a glass door cabinet?

3. Window ledge. With the cold weather approaching, you'll be keeping your windows down through the coming seasons. This means that the ledge now becomes a shelf with a view, so be sure to take advantage of that newly opened space! It might be a great place to store nutmeg-scented sachets, hair products or spare amenities for visiting guests.

4. Tiered storage. One great tip comes from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine's website, where  the home experts suggest going for tiered storage. Stacking soap dishes on your vanity can be a great way to organize everything from jewelry to cosmetics.



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