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Treating your bathroom as an art gallery
Posted on Monday, July 23, 2012

While you're not likely to lure potential patrons in with a wine and cheese showing, there's no reason why your bathroom shouldn't have a flair for the arts. While anyone interested in beautifying his or her bathroom with a touch of fine art is probably already outfitted with a mind for interior design, you'll want to make sure that the first style elements you pay attention to are the walls themselves before you decide what goes on them.

Beautifully painted walls can only bring out the best in a bathroom's décor. From the vanity to the toilet and the shower curtain, all aspects of your space are going to take their style and color cues from the background and ambiance offered by your walls. Depending on the sort of art you're considering touching up your bathroom with, you may want to go with various paint shades. Think about your particular aesthetic, then consider your wall color before embarking on your artwork choices.

Need a hand figuring out what aesthetic fits you best? Look no further than these handy suggestions.

1. Cat person or dog person. Animal-themed bathrooms are always popular, but none so much as those that declare which side the homeowner falls on in the battle between cats and dogs. If you plan to have a kitty-shaped soap dispenser or wall prints of paw prints, you may want to consider eggshell or light blue for your bathroom's colors. These will contrast well with black lab silhouettes or tabby stripes.

2. The fine art major. So you don't mind studying Cézanne as you brush your teeth, and John Ruskin is your idea of commode reading material. If you can delineate where Renoir stops, Picasso begins and Helen Frankenthaler took off, then you might want to go with either the stark white of the Louvre, the grays of the Met or the ever-changing and dynamic hues of a museum of contemporary art.

3. The traveler. Sometimes the imagination is touched off by the functional more than the sublime. If you're the sort who likes to spin a globe and stop it short with a poke of your finger, maybe framed maps would be more up your décor alley. A NYC subway shower curtain, a street map of Paris, the entirety of Peru - your imagination is your only limit! As for wall colors, go with sky blues or sea greens to remind yourself of all the travel that still awaits you.



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