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So you're looking to start on the bathroom makeover of your lifetime, but you don't want to end up in debt for the rest of your years because of it. The best thing for your bathroom in this situation might be to go green. While energy-efficient products may initially set you back a bit, their money-saving qualities are sure to keep you happy with your electricity and water bills for ages to come. While you're looking at designer shower curtains and sleek modern bathroom vanities, why not give a glance or two over these eco-friendly suggestions?

1. VOC-free paint. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are found in a variety of household substances, from craft glues to cleaning supplies, but one of the worst offenders can be paints. Most paints nowadays come with low-VOC certification, but why not go the extra mile (especially if you've got kids) and get VOC-free paint? It will look just as good and you'll know your air quality is 100-percent okay. The best part? It's a significantly minor cost increase.

2. A water-saving showerhead. If you're looking to cut the water bill in half, pair this with convincing your family to take slightly shorter showers. You'll have the same comfortable shower, but with a minimum of wasted water. Also, consider that hot water requires electricity to heat up - lowering your average shower temperature can reduce energy consumption as well.

3. An eco-friendly toilet. Whether you go dual flush or all the way with a composting toilet, there's no way a qualified model won't save on water without doing its job as efficiently as a regular toilet. Also, consider the green option of a bidet, which will help cut down on toilet paper use!

4. Organic cotton towels. While the price hike might be a bit higher than your average towel, you pay for what you get, and organic cotton is a quality material worthy of the investment. These towels will last for ages, retaining their softness and absorbency. Not to mention, you're giving your money to a company and movement invested in sustainability and green methods.

5. Take a look at your windows. Losing heat or the cool of air conditioning through a drafty or faulty window is like watching money slip through a hole in your pocket. As you remodel, be sure to give your bathroom the once-over for insulation as well as style.



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