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Lighting your bathroom for any activity
Posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's how we see objects, how we perceive colors, how we gauge distances and even how we know the right kind of toothpaste to brush our teeth with. Lighting is the key to all of life's functions, and that includes the ones that happen behind bathroom doors.

Lighting your bathroom is just as essential as lighting a kitchen, living room, home office or garage - and in some cases, more important. It's where we go to put ourselves together in the mornings and evenings. It's where we pour steaming baths and try to unwind after another busy day. It's where we most require a little privacy - and even clearly visible reading material. Bathroom lighting is very important.

But there are also a variety of types, and depending on what your spa, primping or regular expectations are, you'll want them in the perfect light.

1. Natural light. Large windows and bathrooms may not seem to go hand-in-hand, but just as with any other space in your home, the bathroom really benefits from a healthy dose of natural light. It's good for the brain and even your décor. Don't be afraid to open some windows and let in the daytime glow.

2. Overhead lighting. Unfortunately we don't have the benefits of natural light 24 hours a day, and on a cloudy afternoon, big windows just won't cut it. Overhead lighting is essential to any bathroom, but you should do your best to make sure it fits your style and theme. This concerns more than just the light fixtures, though - whether you use warm light or a white that more accurately represents the color spectrum, you want to keep your bathroom feeling relaxed and cozy.

3. Vanity lighting. While overhead lighting can be useful for most bathroom activities, using your vanity for grooming, applying makeup or even brushing your teeth benefits from very specific lighting. Your vanity lighting should be focused and all about attention to detail. Be sure to pick bulbs and fixtures that don't skew colors.

4. Candles. One of several spa essentials, candles are classic bathroom lighting for when you want nothing but the relaxing and therapeutic flicker of a few tiny flames. But not all candles are created equal! Look into soy scented candles for an aromatic and clean burning alternative to paraffin. 



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