Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to clean your bathroom so well, you won't recognize it afterward

Are your parents visiting? Is your apartment going to host a dinner party? Perhaps you're just frightened to enter your bathroom and deal with the vestiges of several weeks' lack of sweeping. Whatever the reason, there's no bad time to delve in and give your bathroom a good deep cleaning.

More than any other space in the house, a bathroom bears the brunt of our messes and, at the same time, demands good hygienic conditions. Find a few hours one weekend to scrub, sweep, scour and sweeten up your bathroom. Looking for a place to start? Worried you might've missed a spot? Check out this definitive how-to list and get cleaning - just remember to be wary of mixing noxious chemicals, especially ammonia and bleach, both of which are common in bathroom cleaning products.

1. The mirrors. This one's easy. Want a streak-free and beautiful vision of yourself staring back out of the mirror? Grab some Windex or other premier glass cleaner and go to town.

2. The countertops. Depending on your countertop material, you'll want to switch between a sponge or something that scrubs just a bit more roughly. Invest in a good bathroom cleaning mixture for these, and go all-natural or germ-killing to fit your own tastes. Just make sure you've buffed out every bit of makeup, toothpaste and dried soap left behind on the vanity.

3. The floor. Sweep every dust bunny and stray hair into a neat little pile, then vacuum that up. A Swiffer mop isn't a bad investment for your bathroom - it picks up everything you can't see. And never neglect to sweep behind the toilet!

4. The shower and bathtub. There are several preventative measures you can take when it comes to cleaning your tub. First, squeegee down shower doors and wall tiles after a wash. This will help cut down considerably on mildew. And never forget to clear the drain of hair and soap scum. Go about cleaning your tub the same way you attacked your counter tops. When you're scrubbing away, be sure to wear rubber gloves, especially when using commercial rust-removing products or drain cleaners.

5. Your toilet. Here it is, the final frontier of your bathroom cleansing. Start by letting some toilet bowl cleaner, usually containing bleach, sit in the water for several minutes, then scrub away with a long-handled brush (you might want to toss this out afterward), flush and scrub again. Repeat until things are looking good.