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End-of-summer remodeling for the cooler season
Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2012

As summer begins to fade, the leaves turn, kids head back to school, evenings shorten and the air catches a chill. It's the perfect time of year for a long, hot bath. While luxuriating in piping hot water during the summer isn't anyone's idea of relaxing, the chill autumn weather is ideal for precisely this. Crack a window, light a few candles and settle in with a paperback.

But before you begin reaping the benefits of slightly chillier weather, why not take the late summer months to remodel your bathroom for a spa-like feel? Beat the pre-winter rush and have your bathroom made over for the season as a warm little haven with all the touches and amenities of a five-star hotel.

Looking for a few fantastic ideas? Consider these tips - small and large - for making the most of your tub, towels and accessories.

1. Use a window instead of a fan. Even the quietest exhaust fan causes a whirring that can be distracting to the individual looking for nothing more than a silent soak. Why not crack a window instead? The dichotomy of cold air and a hot tub can make for a comfortable contrast. Just be sure to install frosted glass in any low-lying windows.

2. Invest in a nice pair of robes. There's no question that the after-bath robe is like the ideal dessert to a delicious dinner. Whether you prefer your robes light and silky or thick and fluffy, have more than one on hand and be sure your robe hooks are worthy of them. There's no reason to install a shoddy robe hook in your bathroom - choose something with class and sophistication.

3. Have great towels. As excellent as robes are, you'll need a towel to give yourself a quick dry off, and when guests come to stay it's always important to share your best ones with them as well. Also, be sure to invest in a towel bar. Some even heat up and keep your towels warm for you.

4. Consider under-floor heating. This heating method is a great way to keep your floor warm any time of year. While you can easily heat the whole bathroom with radiant heat through convection, turn it up just a little for a pleasant floor temperature when you step out of the bath rather than deal with the cold shock of tile.



Anonymous The Kentucky Home Buyer said...

As far as towel bars go, I have to say the warming ones are a true lifesaver. It's amazing how luxurious a warm towel can be! I've also heard that they can help reduce mildew growth in damp towels but I imagine you would need a pretty hot towel warmer for that. But really, if your towels are getting to the point where they are growing mildew, a towel warmer won't solve your problems! Haha!

July 31, 2012 at 2:53 PM  

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