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Although people may profess to love each room in their homes equally, they're liars. Rooms are not children, there's no unconditional love being handed out just because they're yours. Furthermore, you don't dote on rooms equally. You may be more likely to invest in your third new HDTV in as many years for your living room while your bathroom towels remain threadbare. Sometimes when a room can't be conquered, we just leave it be and let it settle in its inadequacy.

Bathrooms especially fit this bill. They're small, difficult to take care of and become gross really easily. Bathroom cleanliness drops exponentially - the difference between several days without a cleaning and two weeks is the difference between a hospital surgery and a superfund site. So when it's time to clean, don't be surprised when apathy overcomes disgust. And at that point, it's time to face it. You hate your bathroom.

The DIY Network has a show for just these individuals. I Hate My Bath follows the remodeling adventures of host Jeff Devlin, a licensed contractor, as he helps homeowners find economical and unique ways to redesign their spaces and rethink their accessories. Rather than take out a bank loan just to finish your tiling, follow Jeff as he shows you a cheap and fantastic way to fall back in love with your bathroom.

None other than will be featured on an upcoming episode. As Jeff consoles the poor individual who's fallen out with his or her bathroom, a variety of vanities, medicine cabinets, faucets, storage cabinets and a shower panel and snazzy wall-hung toilet will make appearances, courtesy of

While the deluxe Fresca vanities are sure to draw a few interested eyes (as will the Fresca faucets, shower panels and storage cabinet), the show-stealer should end up being the wall-hung toilet. This TOTO toilet with Dual-Max flushing - meaning high efficiency - is stylish, space saving and pairs perfectly with an in-wall tank. You won't have seen anything quite like it in a home bathroom before.

So while only time will tell, it's a pretty safe bet that Jeff and the I Hate My Bath team will leave this session of restroom counseling and makeover with a happy ending. Be sure to tune in on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 at 10pm/9pm C!



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