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There are several reasons why you may want to visit Lucas, Kansas, population approximately 400, as you pass north of Wichita. The first is an interest in the popular World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things attraction. There's also scenic Wilson Lake, Flying Pig Studio and Gallery as well as a number of other grassroots folk art attractions. And now there's officially Bowl Plaza - home to the artiest toilets the world has ever seen.

As previously covered, Lucas had been raising funds for an epic first flush event. Having collected bids through a variety of auctions (silent, live and even eBay), the citizens and visitors from far and wide saw off the inaugural toilet use in style. The pomp and circumstance was nothing to shrug off, either!

A parade of costumed townspeople and travelers, a formal lecture on poop, toilet paper roll Olympics and a talent show were only the start of the day's events. According to the Salina Journal, attendees led the parade with toilet plungers held aloft beside scrub brushes as the official first-time flushers preceded the mass dressed in regal capes and (fittingly) paper crowns.

The 90-year-old Dorothy Johnson, one of the royal few, is a singularly lucky woman. She was given the improbable honor of a first flush after winning a silent auction for one of the four stalls.

"I didn't think this thing would have so much notoriety," she told the source.

But the opening has garnered an astounding amount of attention - from folks out of town, out of state and even a group of students willing to travel through summer vacation.

Bowl Plaza, which abuts the Grassroots Art Center, looks like a toilet from a distance. The ring of benches outside the toilet tank-shaped building makes for comfortable sitting while waiting for visitors to do their business indoors. The bathrooms themselves are clean and only cluttered by stylish porcelain art. Naturally, the individual stalls carry punny names, such as the "Superbowl" and "Oval Office," proving there's no shortage of wit in the rural Midwest.

Ever wanted more mosaics in your commode? The denizens of Lucas have answered that call, colorfully and with a sense of humor.



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