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Imagine that you have to go to the bathroom really, really bad. You probably wouldn't pay much attention to anything besides the fact that you're ready to soil your pants, right? Would you check for signs of tampering on the toilet seat? Probably not. Apparently, someone recently found herself in a similar situation and ended up being glued to the toilet seat.

KLSA News 12 reports that a woman at a Walmart in Monticello, Kentucky, had to wait for a full hour before being rescued from the sticky seat by local paramedics, who brought her to the hospital to be checked out afterward. Police aren't sure if the glue was an accident or intentional, but it sure sounds like a prank gone awry.

While bathroom pranks are certainly funny, they should be exercised with caution. You don't want to cause serious damage to the space or your relationship with the victim! However, if you're looking for a couple of simple tricks to play in the bathroom, consider these gems – but don't say you got them from us!

Jello toilet

To give your friends or family members something to wonder about, mix up a couple of Jello packets in the toilet along with some hot water well before your guests will be arriving. Let it set, then wait for the bewilderment. (And don't worry – the Jello will flush easily once it's broken up!)

Cream cheese deodorant

If someone you live with uses a solid deodorant, it's easy to sabotage his or her toiletry by switching out the deodorant stick with a block of cream cheese. After using a spoon or knife to mold the top into a believable shape, you'll get to sit back and watch as the person rubs cheese into his or her pits!

Rogue showerhead

Know someone who always turns on the shower to warm it up before stepping in? If so, you're in luck because this trick will surely do its job. Simply tilt the showerhead so it's facing outward (where the person will be standing) and watch as the person gets sprayed. You might want to offer to help clean up afterward, though!

Bad blowdryer

If you know a gal who blowdries her hair on a regular basis, you could always pull the powder trick. Simply put some baby powder into the end of the blowdryer, then watch what happens when she turns it on. You might not get any love, but you may get a few laughs.



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