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Everyone has different tastes, so it's completely normal to hate the way your friend designed her bathroom even when you know she absolutely adores it. That being said, while you're entitled to decorate your bathroom any way you see fit, there are some elements of bathroom design that should be forgotten entirely. Here's a list of common bathroom design mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. Unless, of course, you like them.

1. Colored bathtubs, toilets, sinks and showers. Avocado green and Pepto pink should be left to their respective objects - avocados and Pepto bottles. You don't want these outdated colors reigning supreme in your bathroom design because not only are they pretty ugly, but they'll severely limit your color palette, making updates difficult.

2. Toilet rugs. If you have a wrap-around toilet rug at the base and/or a stretchy rug fit over the seat of your toilet, toss them A.S.A.P. It's understandable to have a rug near the base for your feet, but you don't need it to wrap around the bottom. Invest in a rectangular bathroom mat instead. As for the seat cover - what's the point?

3. No storage. If you don't have a sizable contemporary bathroom vanity, you're just asking for clutter. Without somewhere to put your toiletries, blow dryers, makeup and cleaning products you'll end up with no counter space and no design appeal.

4. Cheap laminate flooring. These designs may look okay when they're first put in place, but when they get wet (and they will in a bathroom) they'll most likely expand, causing ripples and edges that peel away from the wall. Opt for tile, bamboo or teak flooring instead, which looks a lot better and can stand up to moisture.

5. Bare windows. If you've been ignoring the windows in your bathroom, you're doing your design a disservice. Just like paint, window treatments are a cheap and easy way to add visual appeal to a room without having to make a big commitment.

6. Visible medications. When you have guests over, do you really want them to be able to see what medications you're taking? It's often very personal information. Get yourself a great medicine cabinet instead and be sure to put bottles back into it when you're done using them.



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