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Seven ways to make bathroom tasks more fun for kids
Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Are you sick of fighting with your children whenever it's time to brush their teeth or take a bath? For some reason, many kids seem to be hydrophobic, which may explain why they always seem to be so darn dirty! However, with a little planning and a few extra bathroom accessories, you can help your children view the bathroom as a fun, exciting place. Here are several ideas to get started with.

1. Repaint the walls. In a children's bathroom, the rules of interior decor can be tossed out the window. Don't shy away from bold, crazy colors or patterns that your kids may find exciting. Thick stripes, wiggly lines or fun circular shapes are all good ways to improve the fun feel of the room.

2. Find a bathroom vanity that fits. Smaller models will make it easier for your kids to reach the sink, making hand-washing and teeth-brushing tasks a bit less of a hassle. A step stool can also help your kids reach the top of the vanity and get a better view of themselves in the mirror.

3. Get a wild shower curtain. Whether it's a picture of your kids' favorite movie character, a bunch of colorful fish or a pattern that makes your eyes hurt (but will spark your kids' imaginations), you can't go wrong with a bold shower curtain.

4. Consider electric toothbrushes. Even if it's a battery-operated supermarket brand, electric toothbrushes are far more exciting than manual ones. Plus, you know your kids will be doing a better job cleaning their teeth, as these devices do all of the work.

5. Look for fun soaps. Any type of bar soap that comes in a fun shape will do the trick, but also stock up on antibacterial hand soaps that foam up. These are more kid-friendly and will make the prospect of hygiene much less groan-worthy.

6. Stock up on bath toys. Anything that your kids can play with in the bathtub will make getting clean more bearable. Bathroom fingerpaints, floating toys, bubbles, a basketball hoop with a suction cup - all of these can actually make your children look forward to scrubbing down.

7. Buy them robes and slippers. Your kids will feel special as they slip into a fuzzy pair of bath slippers and a comfortable robe. In fact, you might have trouble getting them to wear anything else!



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