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Believe it or not, June is National Bathroom Reading Month, a time to celebrate the timeless activity that makes visiting the toilet a bit more interesting. According to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's blog, the celebration was created by the Bathroom Readers' Institute, which publishes the popular Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series that many families have sitting next to their toilets.

Some sources claim that the average American spends between 700 and 2,000 hours on the porcelain throne, which some might consider a waste of time. That's probably why 66 percent of Americans admit to reading while they're going to the bathroom, whether it's a comic book, newspaper, novel or book of poems. If you're one of those people who likes to take advantage of down time, here are some tips to help you get the most out of reading in your bathroom.

Reading material

If you don't have a book that you're currently making your way through, you might be looking for a few ideas for good reading material for the bathroom. Here are a few to consider.

1. 1001 Internet Jokes II - Bathroom Reader Edition, D.M. Schwab. recommends this collection of funny internet jokes if you're looking for a quick and easy read. Just be prepared to explain yourself when your friends or family members ask why you were cracking up in the bathroom.

2. The Onion's Finest News Reporting. suggests this collection of satirical periodicals if you're looking for some high-brow laughs.

3. The New York Times. If you want to get caught up on the latest news and views while you're cooped up in the bathroom, a newspaper like the Times is a logical choice.

Bathroom setup

To ensure that your bathroom can cater to your reading needs, there are a few alterations you should consider making.

1. Extra storage. You'll need space to keep your bathroom reading materials, so invest in a bigger bathroom vanity and a couple of shelving units. Place them within easy reach of the toilet.

2. Adequate lighting. Make sure that there is plenty of light around the toilet area so you won't have a problem seeing the words on the page. A small lamp on the back of the toilet or a wall sconce behind should do the trick.

3. Pleasing elements. Because you'll be spending so much time in your bathroom getting through those pages, you need to make it an inviting place that you don't mind hanging out in. Scented candles, flowers, plants and maybe even a fountain can make the room more appealing.



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