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How to make a small bathroom look spacious
Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whether you're dealing with an apartment-sized bathroom or are embarrassed by a miniscule guest washroom, you don't have to feel limited by a teeny tiny space. Unless knocking down walls or building an addition is a possibility, you're going to need to brush up on ways to make a small bathroom look airy and spacious. Here are several ideas to get you on the right track.

Make mirrors your friends

Mirrors create the illusion of depth, and they can also help reflect light around a room, making it appear bigger and brighter. Aside from the one over your vanity, consider hanging an arrangement of them on your walls or using mirrored furniture items.

Go for tall and skinny decorative accents

This could mean a thin, towering set of shelves, long window treatments or skinny, rectangular picture frames or mirrors. These items will draw the eye upward, making the room seem bigger than it actually is.

Get rid of clutter

There's nothing like clutter to make a space seem smaller. Clean out your bathroom and get rid of anything you don't need to have in there, whether it's expired toiletries or old medications. Once it's clean, bring in a few more storage options like shelves, cabinets or even baskets to hold your bathroom accessories.

Steer clear of dark wall colors

While a navy blue bathroom may seem like a good choice, dark paint on the walls of a small space can make it look cramped and dark. Opt for lighter shades like neutrals, pastels or off-whites. They'll brighten up the room and make it appear more airy.

Build recessed shelving

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine points to recessed storage solutions as ways to literally carve out more space. They can easily be built in between the wall's studs and they won't take up any valuable floor space.

Opt for glass doors

This can apply to your shower stall or your cabinet or vanity doors, but either way, glass can create the illusion of depth and space. If you do go this route, be prepared to keep everything that's within sight neat and tidy!

Move it to the corner

If possible, move your vanity into a corner of the room. This will not only take advantage of space that probably isn't being used, but it can improve the flow of traffic in the room, making it seem like there's plenty of space to move around.



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