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What are the world's scariest bathrooms?
Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2012

A feeling of fear upon entering a bathroom is usually not the emotion that interior designers want homeowners to feel when laying out a space, but sometimes a dramatic touch can help a room stand out. Bending the conventions of the standard bathroom is a trend that many affluent homeowners tend to go for, but very few go for a downright frightening aesthetic. According to the Huffington Post, one homeowner in Guadalajara, Mexico, may have created the world's scariest bathroom by situating his commode on top of a 15-story elevator shaft.

For those who are afraid of heights, being forced to go to the bathroom in this home could be their worst nightmare. The bathroom is suspended on a glass floor that looks down onto the vacant elevator shaft. The designers, Hernandez Silva Arquitectos, remarked that the bathroom exhibited "concepts of transparency and the simplicity of materials." The rest of the bathroom features a long and slender vessel sink, a sleek bathroom vanity and a wall-mounted toilet, so users are literally the only part of the room that will be situated on top of the glass. The space is truly one of the most remarkable pieces of bathroom design in the world and will certainly scare more than a few of the homeowner's guests in the near future.

While this bathroom is certainly one that will wreak havoc with those with a fear of heights, the bathrooms on Mont Blanc in the Alps may give the aforementioned washroom a run for its money. According to Der Spiegel, local authorities in France have installed two public bathrooms at the top of the 4,800-meter mountain, which is the tallest in Europe. With more than 30,000 mountain climbers ascending to the peak each year, something had to be done to improve the area's state of cleanliness. Each of the toilets cost $200,000 and are meant to endure the extreme conditions of the area. While the toilets themselves are enclosed, it is certainly a harrowing trek to reach the summit and be able to use them in the first place!

Going to the toilet should never be a frightening experience, but creative interior designers and unique locations sometimes call for extreme measures. While instilling a sense of fear in your guests probably isn't something you should strive for in your bathroom remodel, if done correctly, it could be a remarkable twist for your home.



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