Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top 5 wackiest bathrooms in the world

Whether out of necessity, eclectic design or simply a flair for the dramatic, bathrooms can take some rather strange forms when some individuals are allowed to decorate to their heart's content. From picturesque outdoor commodes to urinal shapes that leave little to the imagination, you can cross one of these facilities off of your bucket list and tell your friends that you've made it to one of the wackiest bathrooms in the world.

1. The Fujimoto toilet. The Japanese are known for their reverence for the toilet, but even this design outdoes most people's perceptions of what an outdoor bathroom should look like. According to the Huffington Post, the Fujimoto toilet, located in Chiba, Japan, was designed by architect Sou Fujimoto and is a 2,150 square-foot outdoor restroom. The toilet is surrounded by a garden of peach and plum trees and is meant to give users the experience of being one with nature - while they relieve themselves of course.

2. The Three Sisters Pub. Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Three Sisters Pub is known for its gargoyle-shaped urinals, according to WebUrbanist.com. Stranger still is the animation of an alluring female that plays at eye level that entices the male user while doing his thing. The bathroom has become so popular that even women sneak a peek inside to take a look.

3. Glass Lounge. This trendy New York night club is known for its stellar use of glass furnishings from the bar to the lavatory, according to the news source. Its most unique feature is the two-way mirror that peers out onto Tenth Avenue. While bathroom users can't see outside, pedestrians on the street can watch patrons primp in the mirror before venturing back into the club.

4. Marius. This Rio de Janiero, Brazil, eatery is known for its eclectic decor, but its bathrooms aren't to be missed. The news outlet reports that the men's bathroom has rocks on the floor and the sink, as well as packed ice inside of the urinals. The women's bathrooms are equally strange, and certainly aren't the easiest to navigate when wearing heels!

5. Mumin Papa Cafe. This is one of the only restrooms in the world that is built into the side of an aquarium, according to NotVentures.org. The Akashi, Japan, restaurant's women's bathroom will allow users to watch exotic fish swim by while doing their business. Unfortunately for the guys, they are stuck with a standard bathroom and can only hear the glowing reviews from their female counterparts.