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While most people look at a roll of toilet paper and see little else than a material that will be soon flushed down the toilet, one budget wedding website has been calling on artistic brides all over the country to create wedding dresses in this unconventional medium. The "Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest," sponsored by Charmin and created by the website Cheap Chic Weddings, will hold its eighth annual event, which has seen some absolutely remarkable dresses over the years, reports the South-Bend Tribune. The grand-prize winner will receive $2,012, as well as bragging rights as a toilet paper fashionista.

"Each year, the contest gets better and better," Laura Gawne of Cheap Chic Weddings told the news source. "We are all excited to see the fantastic entries."

Over the years, brides-to-be and artists alike have created truly astounding designs that could almost pass for real wedding dresses. Last year's winner, Susan Brennan of Orchard Lake, Michigan, created a strapless design that featured a series of floral embellishments and feathery accents on the bodice that looked like it belonged in an upscale bridal boutique, reports the Huffington Post. The 2009 winner, Ann Kagawa Lee of Honolulu, Hawaii, went for the gusto by designing a full-length dress and a hat using delightfully-textured origami, according to New York Magazine.

While these gorgeous designs aren't meant to be worn on a woman's wedding day, it isn't the first time that the material has been used to create a dress in a pinch. Pippa Middleton, the beautiful sister of the current Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been caught wearing one of these homemade creations in the past. According to The Daily Mail, pictures of Pippa have emerged in the British press of the royal sister wearing a frock made of toilet paper at a dinner party during college. It seems that before she turned into a style icon, she also realized the untapped potential of a few rolls of toilet paper!

The homemade wedding dress is just one of many do-it-yourself bridal designs that are all the rage these days as ladies try to cut the exorbitant costs of a wedding celebration. Each year, the "Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest" churns out some dynamic designs that seem to be getting better year after year.



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