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A freak accident caused 14-year-old Kendra Muller to lose her ability to walk and enjoy many of the activities that normal teenagers do. According to, the teenager endured a painful accident last May when she piled into a hammock with friends and was injured after a brick structure supporting the hammock crumbled on top of her. For the first few weeks, Muller was on a ventilator and couldn't speak, but slowly but surely she was able to speak and begin her road to recovery.

After recovering from a broken neck, spine, ribs, collarbone and shoulder blades, she has persevered with a positive attitude. She has become such an inspiration to the town of Riverton, Utah, that community organizations pitched in to give her a remodeled bathroom with accessible bathroom accessories and features to allow her to live a normal life.

Muller, who is now in a wheelchair, found the most trouble in the bathroom, where performing daily tasks became extremely difficult in a wheelchair. According to The Republic, the Riverton Precinct of the Unified Police Department, as well as a smattering of local businesses, came together to raise $15,000 for the redesigned bathroom and it has helped dramatically to improve her quality of life. Along with sinks that are compatible with her wheelchair, grab bars and other devices, Muller believes the open shower is the best benefit.

"Before there was a big lip so I couldn't roll my wheelchair in and take a shower," Muller told the news source. "I couldn't be independent in doing a normal thing that everybody needs to do."

Muller's positive outlook has been an inspiration for the community and felt it was their duty to do everything they could to give something back. While the accident may have been a tragic event, the people of Riverton are doing everything they can to turn it into a positive for the future.

"To see how she's been able to overcome adversity, just with life and things she has ahead of her, it's just inspiring," detective Ed Malm, a police officer in Riverton, told the news source.

With each passing day, Kendra Muller shows just how resilient certain individuals can be, even when they've been dealt a bad hand. This outpouring of support from the community shows just how easy it can be to touch someone's life, and how powerful the human spirit can be when faced with impossible odds.



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