Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day bathroom gifts to avoid at all costs

Mother's Day is only a few days away, which means that you may be grasping at straws when it comes to finding the right gift for that special lady in your life. One way to help narrow down your gift choices is to pick a room in the house that could need a touch-up, and finding a way to improve it. The bathroom may seem like an obvious place, but there are also more than a few bathroom accessories that you should avoid at all costs. The following is a list of bath products that may work in theory, but should come no where near your shopping list.

1. A cushioned toilet seat. No matter how cracked or aged your mother's toilet seat may have become, this is the last time of year where you should pick out that fabulous bidet seat or seat with optimal back support. Mother's Day is about showing your mother how much you care about everything she's done for you, not finding ingenious gifts. Even if you find one with lumbar support, do yourself a favor and leave it on the store's rack.

2. A bathroom scale. If your mom has decided to take an interest in fitness in her golden years, investing in a bathroom scale may seem like a no-brainer. First and foremost, this is something that you mother should pick out herself, and secondly, there are countless other products that can help out her fitness plan other than a scale. A scale simply has a bad connotation and isn't something you should give your mom on her special day.

3. A spa package. While it may seem wise to give your mom everything she needs to turn her washroom into an at-home spa, most people would like to be pampered than pamper themselves. Skip the gift basket of bath oils, soaps and lotions and give your mom a gift certificate to the spa instead. This will give her a relaxing day to unwind and you won't have to watch your gift collect dust in your parents' bathroom for the foreseeable future.

Mother's Day is a time to show just how much your mom means to you, so don't think too hard about your gift. Appeal to your mother's interests, create something yourself or simply give her a day to relax. She will appreciate that far more than one of these questionable gifts!