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The town of Lucas, Kansas, contains a little more than 400 residents, but the community isn't short on character. The town is home to the "Garden of Eden," a collection of strange sculptures created by S.P. Dinsmoor, a Civil War veteran who created a series of religious and political figures out of concrete in his yard. When this feature isn't stopping travelers as they make their way through the town, perhaps the giant new toilet in the downtown area just might. According to, what started as a $100,000 public restroom project has allowed the town to create a massive building that looks like a huge toilet, with a colossal 14-foot mosaic lid. Oddly enough, the town has started an eBay campaign to sell the first flush of the device, and they already have a few takers.

Currently, the bid is only up to $110, but the hope is that this will provide a unique funding opportunity for the town's strained budget, reports The Kansas City Star. The project grew out of a desire to add public restrooms to the downtown area, but soon grew to become a showpiece of Lucas that reflects the artistic and quirky vibe of the community.

"The Garden of Eden has none and there were no accessible public restrooms on Main Street, except in the arts center," Rosslyn Schultz, the Grassroots Art Center director.

Instead of creating a run-of-the-mill public facility, the town's residents opted to create a wholly unique building in the shape of a large toilet. The sides of the bowl are sunken slightly so people can sit on the outside and talk with one another. The giant toilet's lid is always up, and is festooned with colorful lights, bright paint colors and other distinctive decorations.

Lucas' giant toilet was also a great example of grassroots fundraising. All but $3,000 of the facility's construction was funded by donations and its design was chosen with significant impact from the community at large. While residents don't know how the structure will relate to the community a few decades down the line, at the moment they are very impressed with it.

"We are hoping that it floats around on the Internet as one of those weird toilets you need to see," Schultz told the news outlet. "That is our ultimate hope. We want people talking about it."



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