Monday, May 14, 2012

Japanese company reveals Android-powered bathroom mirror

Whether it takes up an entire wall or is framed by an ornate frame, a mirror is one of the most important investments you'll make in your bathroom. However, aside from adding to your interior design and being able to see your reflection, they haven't really evolved much in the past. According to, a new product was recently debuted at the Japanese Smartphone and Mobile expo that took many of the attendees by surprise. The Japanese electronics manufacturer Seraku debuted its Android-powered mirror, which will be fitted with a powerful tablet computer that will able to respond to a user's hand signals.

The fully-digital screen is one of the greatest advances to happen to the bathroom in years, and it could change the common routine for anyone getting up in the morning. The device will be compatible with the home's internet connection and will be able to access diverse information like the weather forecast and news, as well as important tidbits that you'd like to know while in the bathroom. For instance, when fitted with a scale on the floor, the mirror can tell you how much weight you've gained after a meal, and it can tell you what the temperature and speed of the water is as you wash your hands.

While this device has plenty of potential in private homes, Seraku is far more excited about its commercial applications, reports The Daily Mail. The company believes it could be a useful tool for barbers and hairdressers to make each haircut a more interactive experience. Additionally, the company will also be testing out the device in restaurants and bars for client survey purposes, but this could certainly lead to a few awkward bathroom trips.

Perhaps the best, and most futuristic, aspect of the product is that it uses a series of radio sensors that respond to the user's hand movements to switch between information screens. This is not only quite enjoyable, but it helps to keep the mirror itself clean from fingerprints, smudges and other forms of grime.

While Seraku has not yet released details explaining when the product will hit the market, the Android-powered glass vanity was one of the most popular products at the Expo and may have a future in the modern home. What do you think of the potential of an interactive bathroom mirror?