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The ever-changing world of toilets has seen the arrival of deodorizers, LED lighting and music, but very few of these commodes will tell you anything about your overall health. According to the Huffington Post, an engineer named Lucy Jung with has created a toilet that will take an automatic urine sample and create a detailed health report based on that sample. The hope for this new line of bathroom accessories is to make life easier for nurses and doctor's assistants working at medical facilities, and it may be a great option for those who constantly have to transport urine samples.

The GP Toilet is a low-profile device that is like having a general practitioner in one's home. The product is used like a standard toilet, but a small nozzle sensor is lowered during operation to gather a sample. After the user is finished with the toilet, they can check the dazzling digital screen behind him or her to read a detailed health report. This will show if there are any abnormal products in the urine, such as sugars, protein and other nutrients. The product can also perform on-the-spot pregnancy tests, which is a huge change from the applicators of the past!

While this toilet isn't going to do much for the aesthetics of a bathroom, it is a groundbreaking development in the world of home medical technology. In the past, those who needed frequent screenings would be forced to provide their own sample and have to drive to the doctor's office to bring it in or produce one on the spot. The GP Toilet will allow these individuals to print out a health report directly to keep stock of their health and give their doctors the information they need to perform a full analysis.

The product is obviously meant for individuals that take frequent trips to the doctor's office for urine analysis, but it has also received interest from those who like to take daily health checks. The toilet has been reviewed as one of the best new "gadgets for hypochondriacs," by, and it certainly seems like it. While the toilet doesn't look like it will receive mainstream application anytime soon, it shows the versatility of the toilet and the many public health benefits that are still being discovered in the trusty product.



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