Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Use your next free weekend to free up clutter in your bathroom

While you may have been paying particular attention to areas like your kitchen and living room during your spring cleaning regimen, your bathroom is certainly in need of some TLC. If your washroom has devolved into a cluttered mess, there are countless bathroom accessories out there that can help improve the traffic flow in the room.

Storage space is always a premium in small spaces like bathrooms, so look to your walls as a means of compartmentalizing your toiletries and linens. Linen cabinets, wall-mounted hooks and medicine cabinets are all wonderful additions that will keep the majority of your bath products out of view.

If you're looking to go for a bit of a decorative pop, floating wall shelves may be the best way to go. These furnishings can be mounted directly into your wall and can be a wonderful spot to display family photos, souvenirs and other pieces of seasonal flair.

These small additions can be incorporated into your space in under a weekend and will give it a fresh touch for the new season. What small-scale improvements do you suggest for those embarking on their spring cleaning regimen?