Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Live the high life every morning with these bathroom accessories

When you're poring over bathroom design magazines or looking for the next piece of technology for your washroom, many of them may seem like they're outside of your budget. However, there are a whole host of bathroom accessories that can take even the most basic bathroom and turn it into a space brimming with visual interest. Here are a few possibilities to consider that may be just as beneficial as a full-scale remodeling project.

1. A bidet seat. If you've always wanted the many creature comforts that come with a bidet, you can install it onto your existing toilet with a bidet seat. These products are easy to operate and come with a whole host of useful functions that can make every trip to the commode more enjoyable. Many of these seats can attach directly to your water supply, but an electrician may be needed to hardwire some of the components. When it is fully installed, you can enjoy modern benefits like deodorizers, air dryers, water temperature and pressure controls, seat heaters and much more.

2. A vessel sink. These sinks are one of the most best aesthetic additions you can make to your washroom and are actually quite easy to install. They can install directly on top of an existing bathroom vanity and can pair beautifully with a modern faucet. Best of all, there are countless color combinations to choose from, so you can find a sink that matches your interior design perfectly.

3. A waterfall faucet. You may have spotted them in an upscale restaurant or hotel, but these waterfall faucets could give your home's décor an added boost as well. These faucets typically work best with a larger basin like a vessel sink, and can create a beautiful slow trickle of water that will enhance the look of any decorative scheme. These products are also surprisingly inexpensive, so you can incorporate high-class furnishings into your washroom without breaking the bank.

There are a wealth of modern bathroom products out there that certainly look like they'll cost a pretty penny, but are actually quite affordable. Whether you're going for functionality, aesthetic impact or a conversation starter, there's more than enough possibilities to shake up your current layout. What modern bathroom appliances would you suggest for a quick upgrade?